Since 1946, Holton Food Products has been helping its customers succeed by providing a combination of Quality Ingredients, Customized Product Development and Technical Support, based on in-depth Application Experience. These capabilities have enabled our customers to build appealing products lines, improve margins, and increase sales.
We serve a wide range of valued customers:
  • Commercial pie, cake, and cookie companies
  • Producers of prepared foods and specialty desserts
  • Bakery supply companies
  • Other food service and wholesale companies

Holton Food Products develops and manufactures specialized ingredients that improve the quality of pies, cakes, cookies, icings, frozen desserts, frozen entrees, fast foods, sauces, and other food items.

We specialize in stabilizers, and we are leaders in customized meringue formulations using technically-advanced stabilizers and high-strength egg white products. Combined with our technical expertise, these ingredients put our customers at the forefront of the 'moisture control business' by:

  • Protecting the fresh-made eating qualities of pies, cookies, and cakes
  • Keeping meringues and other toppings light and high, with no watering out
  • Preventing crusts from cracking or soakage
We are also leaders in formulations and key ingredients for:
  • Sugar Free and No Sugar Added products
  • Trans-free bakery items

Ingredients from Holton Food Products are cost effective and deliver consistent, superior performance - to prevent and solve both product and production issues.

Developed through years of research and innovation, these ingredients help maintain the fresh-made eating quality of bakery goods, withstanding freeze-thaw cycles, storage, and distribution. Finished products keep their high quality during either refrigeration or room temperature shelf life.

For example, our meringue and whipped topping stabilizers give unrivaled stability - from the plant, through storage, distribution, point-of-purchase, and into the home. Other Holton Foods' ingredients give fillings a natural, smooth eating quality, with excellent freeze-thaw stability. Our meringue systems lead the industry for taste, performance, and production simplicity.

  • Sugar Free and No Sugar Added products
  • Trans-free bakery items

Through our experienced Field Service Team, our customers receive complimentary technical resources and application expertise.

Our Food Product Research Laboratory has earned a reputation for listening to needs and then partnering with customers to deliver customized solutions.

Our customers have the flexibility to:

  • Create finished products in a short time frame using formulas tested in Holton Foods' laboratories
  • Request Holton Foods to perform customized R & D
  • Work collaboratively with our staff on mutually agreed product objectives
Our Field Service Team is comprised of senior professionals, qualified in product formulation and process development, with extensive in-plant experience. Their role is to assist by working in our laboratory or on-site to develop finished products with the desired characteristics. Many Holton Foods' customers take advantage of this integrated laboratory and field-based support. These collaborative efforts greatly reduce the risks associated with new product introductions.

Our staff thrives on "fast-to-market" solutions.

Once defined, R & D assignments move quickly to our lab, where all projects are given the same depth of thought, scientific rigor, and energy. We produce solutions according to the customer's timetable.

The ingredients we manufacture meet the highest possible standards, with a multi-level Quality Control System to ensure purity and flawless performance. Our R & D services are delivered with a Total Customer Focus - a desire to contribute directly to our customers' business objectives, with complete confidentiality and professionalism.
Since 1946, Holton Food Products has combined food science and practical experience to create marketable solutions for its customers.

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