About Us

Since 1946, Holton Food Products has been helping its customers succeed by providing quality ingredients, customized product development and technical support—all fueled by strong food science and applications experience.  This dedication and know-how has enabled our customers to build appealing product lines, increase sales and improve margins.

We specialize in texture and stability improvement in many types of baked goods, desserts and prepared foods.  Our clean-label ingredient systems work in challenging applications where freeze-thaw stability, shelf life extension and process tolerance are critical to our customers’ success.  Developed through extensive research and trials, our products have proven success in the market.  In addition, we apply the same disciplined R&D approach to creating custom solutions for our customers.

Ingredients from Holton Food Products are cost effective and deliver consistent, superior performance—to prevent and solve both product and production issues. Whatever your current product development or quality challenge is, we would like the opportunity to help you meet your customers’ expectations.